Strong-hearted stories, dark & funny

I write short stories and the occasional novel. I’m always on the lookout for good stories from real life, as human beings do the most remarkable things and behave in the most peculiar ways. That is what inspires my work, not other writers – much as I might enjoy them.

I’m sometimes asked about the unique challenges involved in writing short stories. One of them is developing the ability to leave out anything which has no immediate bearing on the story; sometimes it’s tempting to add small touches or moments that ultimately don’t add anything to the whole. However, for a while now, I have been writing long short stories from 10 to 20 thousand words… I’d call some of them ‘novelettes’ but for the fact that the word itself sounds slightly feeble, like a woman’s especially fancy race-course hat, and the long short stories I write are not frivolous in the slightest, but are works within the New Dark or New Weird genre.

I find it difficult to pay a great deal of attention to my website and tend to write about writing and related issues on my facebook page at:-

Although I do write sometimes on a page here called ‘And another thing.’


Writer Rebecca Lloyd